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Justin Jefferson Sets NFL Record: Rapidly Racking up Receiving Yards

September 15, 2023 by Athlete Studio

Justin Jefferson sets new NFL record in his game against Philadelphia, making him the fastest player to receive over 5,000 receiving yards.

Justin Jefferson's Healthy Competition With Teammate

September 14, 2023 by Athlete Studio

Justin Jefferson reveals how he challenged himself during the offseason while getting closer with his team.

Former Top Receivers Explain Justin Jefferson's Skills

August 28, 2023 by Athlete Studio

Known for his exceptional skills and remarkable talent, Jefferson has captured the attention of fans and experts alike.

Justin Jefferson Says He's the Top Route Runner in Football

August 24, 2023 by Athlete Studio

Justin Jefferson, the reigning Offensive Player of the Year, shared his top-five route runners list.

Vikings Legend Calls Justin Jefferson NFL's Best Wide Receiver

August 21, 2023 by Athlete Studio

Randy Moss, one of the NFL's greatest wide receivers of all time has recently given some serious recognition to Justin Jefferson's dominance...

Justin Jefferson Lists His Top 5 Route Runners in NFL

August 18, 2023 by Athlete Studio

On the Yahoo Fantasy Football Show, host Matt Harmon asks Jefferson to lay out the top-five route runners in the NFL.

Justin Jefferson Has Message for Rival Cornerback

August 17, 2023 by Athlete Studio

Jefferson confidently stated, "I guess we gonna see what all the talk is about and hopefully they don't have me doubled teamed with a safety...

Teammate Explains What It's Like Playing Against Justin Jefferson in Practice

August 15, 2023 by Athlete Studio

Going up against Justin Jefferson on a daily basis has elevated Akayleb Evans' game. The young cornerback has learned valuable lessons about...

Justin Jefferson Ranked Among Top 25 & Under Players

August 15, 2023 by Athlete Studio

Out of a list of 35 talented players, Jefferson emerged as the cream of the crop.

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