Justin Jefferson's New Goal

August 18, 2022

Justin Jefferson

In an interview with the Pioneer Press, Justin Jefferson revealed his goal to become the first ever 2,000-yard receiver in a single season. There have been eight 2,000-yard rushing seasons in NFL history, but never before has a receiver eclipsed this feat. Justin Jefferson said "I think I can. Hopefully, everything goes right and I can get that 2,000. That's my goal. That would be big, just breaking the record my rookie year and then breaking a record in my third year, that would be crazy for me. That's going to be a goal for me, for sure." Justin Jefferson also broke the NFL record for the most receiving yards in a player's first two seasons, he needs 1,148 yards in 2022 to set the record for the most yards in a player's first three NFL seasons, a record set by Hall of Famer Randy Moss. 

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