Justin Jefferson Ranked Among Top 25 & Under Players

August 15, 2023

Athlete Studio

It's undeniable that Justin Jefferson is destined to become the NFL superstar. In a recent survey conducted by Mike Jones of The Athletic, five NFL coaches and seven front-office executives were asked to rank the top players in the league who are 25 years old or younger, entering the 2023 season. Out of a list of 35 talented players, Jefferson emerged as the cream of the crop.

When it comes to pass-rushers, Parsons managed to outshine the likes of Nick Bosa, securing the top spot in that category. Similarly, in the battle of quarterbacks, Justin Herbert took the lead over Jalen Hurts. Even among wide receivers, Jefferson proved to be superior to his fellow rookie sensation Ja'Marr Chase.

While Pat Surtain II and Sauce Gardner are undoubtedly two of the best cornerbacks in the league, the coaches and executives who participated in the survey ultimately gave the nod to the Denver Broncos star.

However, it's worth noting that last season, it was Nick Bosa, not Parsons, who clinched the Defensive Player of the Year award with an impressive 18.5 sacks. Additionally, Jalen Hurts had the privilege of playing in the Super Bowl, while Herbert's season came to an end with a playoff loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, led by Trevor Lawrence, who secured the 15th spot on the list.

Although the rankings are subject to debate, one thing remains crystal clear—the future of the NFL is in exceptional hands. The league is teeming with young talents like Jefferson, who is poised to take the NFL by storm and leave a lasting impact on the sport.

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