Justin Jefferson Kicks Off "Lets Play" Youth Flag Football Campaign

August 09, 2023

Athlete Studio

In the year 2023, it's nearly impossible to find a young football fan who isn't familiar with the iconic dance move known as the Griddy. And it's none other than the talented Justin Jefferson who has captivated the hearts of these young fans, while also championing their active involvement on the football fields.

As the phenom of the Minnesota Vikings and the Global Flag Football Ambassador, Jefferson is spearheading the NFL's groundbreaking "Let's Play" youth flag football campaign. This exciting initiative is set to kick off on August 2nd, coinciding with the celebration of Play Football Month.

The essence of "Let's Play" lies in its mission to inspire kids and teens to embrace flag football. With a dynamic rallying cry that transcends age and gender, the campaign showcases the sheer athleticism of the sport alongside its promising next generation of stars.

In a captivating ad featuring Justin Jefferson, the wide receiver takes center stage, calling out to students over the intercom who may have been labeled as "too bossy," "too bold," "too big," or "not big enough." The same students are then shown making impressive moves on the field, illustrating the fast-paced, competitive, and most importantly, fun nature of flag football. The message is clear: in flag football, there's a position for everyone.

"Being part of the NFL's 'Let's Play' campaign is a true honor for me. I want to bring attention to the incredible sport of flag football and show kids just how much fun it can be. It's a game that anyone and everyone can enjoy," expressed Jefferson, beaming with pride as a Global Flag Football Ambassador. "As an advocate for this sport, I wholeheartedly believe in its potential and want to inspire kids to be a part of one of the fastest-growing games out there."

Justin Jefferson is not alone in this endeavor. The campaign video also features real flag football athletes, as well as notable appearances from YouTube sensation and football athlete Deestroying, hip-hop artist Quavo, RDCWorld creator Mark Philips, U.S. Women's team flag football quarterback Vanita Krouch, NFL Legend Michael Vick, and his daughter Jada Vick, who recently earned a college scholarship to Reinhardt University for flag football.

Jefferson's involvement as a Global Flag Football Ambassador places him among an illustrious group of men and women who are working together to raise the profile and promote the unique values of one of the world's fastest-growing sports. This team of Flag Football Ambassadors, announced prior to the NFL's 2022 Kickoff, consists of current American and flag football players, Legends, coaches, and officials. Their collective efforts aim to increase awareness, interest, and participation in flag football worldwide, while advancing the development of the game.

"Collaborating with Justin, one of the NFL's finest players, to showcase the fun, fast, and inclusive nature of flag football is truly remarkable," stated Marissa Solis, the Senior Vice President of Global Brand and Consumer Marketing at the NFL. "Flag football embodies the essence of 'football is for everyone,' and we are committed to showcasing this year-round, from our preseason campaign to the action-packed Pro Bowl Games where the league's best will engage in thrilling flag football matches."

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