Justin Jefferson is CBS Sports #1 Fantasy Player

July 25, 2023

Athlete Studio

After an exceptional season in 2021, it comes as no surprise that Justin Jefferson has secured the top spot as CBS Sports' consensus top PPR fantasy player. The young wide receiver's outstanding performance has propelled him to new heights in the world of fantasy football.

Jefferson's remarkable achievements last season earned him the coveted Offensive Player of the Year title. He dominated the field, amassing an impressive 128 catches, 1,809 receiving yards, and eight touchdowns. While his red zone production may have fallen short, his exceptional catch rate and yardage more than compensate for it.

PPR leagues, which reward players with a point for each reception, have showcased Jefferson's true potential. Last season, he averaged a staggering 21.7 points per game in PPR leagues, solidifying his status as a fantasy star.

What sets Jefferson apart is his consistent growth. Season after season, he has demonstrated a remarkable improvement in his total fantasy points. With another year under head coach Kevin O'Connell's guidance and the addition of first-round receiver Jordan Addison, Jefferson is primed to take his performance to even greater heights in the upcoming season.

Although in non-PPR leagues Jefferson is ranked No. 6 on CBS Sports' board, it is crucial to recognize his immense value in PPR leagues. His ability to accumulate points through receptions solidifies his position as a top-tier fantasy asset.

Justin Jefferson's meteoric rise in the fantasy football realm showcases his exceptional skills and potential. As fans eagerly await the upcoming season, it is clear that Jefferson's name will be on everyone's minds when it comes to drafting their fantasy football team.

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