Justin Jefferson Has Message for Rival Cornerback

August 17, 2023

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Minnesota Vikings superstar wide receiver, Justin Jefferson, has a strong message for Green Bay Packers cornerback, Jaire Alexander. In an interview with Zach Aldridge of CBS Sports, Jefferson addressed Alexander's continued gloating and confidently stated, "I guess we gonna see what all the talk is about."

The interview came after Zach Aldridge showed Jefferson a clip of Pete Prisco asking Alexander about their second meeting last season. In the first game between the Vikings and Packers, Jefferson had a spectacular performance, recording nine receptions for 184 yards and two touchdowns, lighting up Alexander and the Packers' defense. However, in the second game in Week 16, Jefferson was limited to just one catch for five yards.

Alexander dismissed Jefferson's impressive Week 1 performance as a fluke, telling Prisco, "so when he came into Lambeau he thought he was going to come in there griddy'ing, but I was the one griddy'ing. That's all it was. It was just fun." Prisco even went as far as saying that Alexander "beat him up a little bit."

Jefferson, clearly not fazed by Alexander's comments, responded, "It's just him talking. Nobody's really worried about him." He explained that the Packers had made it their mission to shut him down in the second game, focusing their attention on neutralizing him. Despite not playing the entire game and the Vikings already securing their spot in the playoffs and winning the division, Jefferson emphasized that his previous performance couldn't be dismissed as a fluke. He argued that it's impossible to achieve 180 receiving yards in the NFL, especially as one of the top players, without genuine talent.

Furthermore, Jefferson contradicted Alexander's claim of beating him up all game, stating that the Packers played a completely different defensive strategy in the second matchup and didn't even utilize man coverage. He encouraged everyone to watch the film to see the truth for themselves.

Jefferson also found humor in Alexander's celebrations and trash-talking, particularly when he performed a "griddy" dance after an incomplete pass. He saw it as a sign of the attention and focus Alexander was giving him. Jefferson acknowledged the constant target on his back and the opponents' attempts to make their mark on him whenever they had the opportunity, but he remained unfazed by it all.

As the interview concluded, Jefferson confidently stated, "I guess we gonna see what all the talk is about and hopefully they don't have me doubled teamed with a safety over the top."

With the upcoming season, football fans eagerly await the rematch between Justin Jefferson and Jaire Alexander. The anticipation for this showdown continues to grow as both players showcase their skills and compete at the highest level.

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